Moving to Los Angeles

Moving to Los Angeles

Whether you are making the move from another part of the States or from even further afield, I can offer some tips for turning the dream into a reality. My family and I moved to Los Angeles from London, and while these two cities are very different, they also have some particular similarities.  They are both international cities, full of vibrant people, stimulating ideas, and are incredibly entrepreneurial.

You might be pleasantly surprised at how easy it can be to streamline the move from one place to another.

My Tips Before Making The Move

  1. Visit as often as you can.

  2. Drive the routes from your potential new home to work/school/friends/family.

  3. Tour the schools.

  4. Find an agent who you like and trust.

You Might Miss Brick . . . But Chances Are Only For A While

If you are moving here from the colder climates, you might miss certain things, like the four seasons . . . and your coat.  It sounds a bit strange, even to me, but I really missed old stone houses and buildings when I first arrived in Los Angeles. The trade was a good one, however, as this city is filled with wonderful natural light, tree-lined streets, beautiful beaches, a relaxed lifestyle and plenty of outdoor space. 

Each Property Feels Unique

Almost every house (and lot) feels genuinely unique here. Whether you are up in the hills, on the edge of the canyons or on the flats, the variety is refreshing.

Mid-century modern architecture is iconic. These homes create the indoor/outdoor feel with walls of glass and their post and beam construction, allowing you to take in the canyon or ocean views from almost every room.  Other popular styles are Cape Cod, Contemporary, Ranch, Mediterranean and Spanish.

The Natural Light Here Is A Tonic

Hollywood, the film industry's capital, is a testament to the importance of natural light and it is one of the primary reasons why major motion picture studios chose to set up here originally. For the photographers and Instagrammers of today, the much sought after “golden hour” is easily found and in abundance here.

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